18 November 2014

"Wild Boundaries"

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is delighted to present "Wild Boundaries" by Gin Gin Wildlife artist, Gary Woodfield.

Gary writes: I like to think of my art as one continuing mural depicting a never ending story of wildlife scenarios.  I feel more connected to my paintings when I am actually portraying a wild habitat surrounding my chosen subject matter.  I get a lot of inspiration from my local rugged wilderness, which for me is very fortunate for my research into various forms of wildlife. 

NO BRUSHES are used to create my artworks.  I practice ancient traditional techniques such as etching and scratching methodologies onto my canvas.  Using an earthly colour pallet of acrylic paints blended with red soil, allows me to visualize a unique perspective similar to that of animals which see colour in restricted vision.  It is these techniques which draw an audience into the depth of my work creating that instant eye contact.     I rely on natural found objects like bark off trees, pine quills from branches and various other items such as sponges, skewers, cotton buds to create my artworks rich with detail.

Visit the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery to view Garys artwork from Tuesday 2nd December 2014 to Saturday 17th January 2015.  All work for sale, ask about out layby service.


16 November 2014

Meditation Workshop

Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org
Join us for a day of 
Fun, New Experiences & Relaxation

The Workshop will include:
  • Meditation for beginners to the experience.
  • Introduction to Crystals and how they can help you.
  • Pendulums. How to use them and what they are used for.
  • Introduction to Chakras and Auras. What they are and how they affect our body mind and spirit.
  • Introduction to Numerology and, if time permits, find your Life Plan.
There will be 3 Meditations during the day:
  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Chakra Healing and Aura Cleanse Meditation
  • Meet your Angel or Spirit Guide Meditation
Gwen will be available for short Aura Readings during the day.

WHEN: Saturday, November 29th from 9am to 4pm
WHERE: Youth Activity Centre
       Tirroan Road Gin Gin
COST:  $25
BOOKINGS: phone Gwen - 0402 573 356

Morning and afternoon tea supplied
Please bring a plate of savoury or sweets for an end of workshop celebration.
Also bring a Comfortable Chair with arms
Please arrive in time for a 9am start.

Available for purchase on the day at Special Workshop Price 
  • Meditation CD's and Mp3's (for Mp3 just bring a USB/flash drive.
  • Crystals, Healing Wands and healing Rattles
  • Pendulums.
Great last minute gift ideas for Christmas!
For enquiries call Joanne - 4156 3682