11 February 2014

"Colour My Country"

This exhibition is about color, design and landscape. The theme of the project is a variety of Australian landscapes inspired by Dorathea MacKellar’s poem “My Country” and images I have collected while traveling around the Country. The use of dots and lines in some of the paintings is to add to the aesthetic and to hint at the way the art and culture of our indigenous Australians is an integral part of this beautiful land of ours. I love the vastness, remoteness and the amazing scope and richness of the colours ranging from the brilliant blues and greens of the oceans to the deep reds of the interior and the browns and ochres of the Channel Country. The patterns found in the landforms and on the ground have a randomness about them which really appeals to me and the way I like to express myself in my art. Over the past 10 years, the focus of my artwork has been on developing an individual style which reflects my own thoughts and feelings towards the world around me. Lesley Perk