11 June 2013

"Into The Wilderness"

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is proud to present "Into The Wilderness" by Gin Gin Wildlife artist, Gary Woodfield.  Gary uses acrylic as his preferred medium and has chosen "Into The Wilderness" as his theme.  He explains that the theme is about wildlife of all categories and their natural habitats.

Gary says, "I would like to think of my art as one continuing mural depicting a never ending story of wildlife scenarios.  I feel more connected to my paintings when I am actually portraying a wild habitat surrounding my chosen subject matter.  I get a lot of inspiration from my local rugged wilderness, which for me is very fortunate for my research into various forms of wildlife.  Using an earthly colour pallet allows me to visualize a unique perspective similar to that of animals and birds which see colour in restricted vision.  It is this methodology, which draws an audience into the depth of my work creating 'eye contact'.  A cache of references such as online encyclopedias and many hours of collated sketches is vital evidence for my artistic compositions allowing my realism to flourish."