18 December 2012

"January 2013 ART SALE"

The Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery presents the "January 2013 ART SALE".  Artists from the Gin Gin, Mt. Perry, Childers, Bundaberg, Biggenden, and Baldwin Swamp Art Groups and our Gift Shop Suppliers will be joining together to offer you great savings on some of their artwork.  We have held the Art Sale for several years now and it has always been a great success.

As artists we often build up a supply of artwork, so instead of it sitting in our studios or homes we would like to offer them to you (the community) at a great savings.  What a great time to stock up on gifts: for that birthday you seem to always forget, wedding presents, anniversary gifts, or even next Christmas.  Now is the time to save!

Feel free to stop by and have a browse through the exhibition, look through our extensive Gift Shop, have a chat with our friendly volunteers, and even sit on the verandah and enjoy a cuppa!

From the 2nd of January 2013, the Gallery will be trialling new business hours. 
Tuesday to Friday:   9a.m. - 4p.m.
Saturday:   9a.m. - 12p.m. 

27 November 2012

"The Colour Of Dreams"

The Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery is proud to present "The Colour of Dreams" by Gin Gin artist, Lesley Perk and Waterloo artist, Jenny Neubecker.

Lesley Perk
Lesley has been involved in art since her high school days and has taught art to grades 4 to 12.  She paints mostly in acrylics but also uses pastel, watercolour and graphite.
She takes her inspiration from anywhere and everywhere - places, people and things that have caught her eye.  Sometimes she starts from scratch and develops an idea, which becomes an all-consuming adventure as it evolves.  Her favourite themes are subjects that have a design element to them like mandalas, and she loves the Australian Outback.

Lesley says, "As I worked on these paintings I drew energy from the shapes and colours and let my imagination flow as they took form.  It reminded me of how our dreams connect us with our subconscious where the suppressed issues of our life are stored.  Like a puzzle that makes no sense, they are random pieces of imagery which invite us to look into ourselves and discover the cryptic messages of memories, emotions and conflicts waiting to be resolved."

Jenny Neubecker

Jenny has made a wonderful and unexpected discovery in beading.  After many years producing 2D art works with painting, drawing and collage media, beads have given her a new way to indulge her love of small, precious, sparkly things.

These latest works are based on the colours of Waterloo, where she has a grazing property, and reflects the changes of colour, in the landscape, from season to season and throughout the day.
Jenny says, "The process itself is quite meditative and it is both a pleasure and challenge to manipulate colours, shapes and textures through a new but very accessible medium.  Many jewellery pieces are also inspired by hand made, wound paper beads from Uganda.  Every time I hold a bead from Uganda, touched by someone living in very different circumstances to me, I am reminded of the abundance in our lives and am grateful to these women for so generously sharing their small treasure."

12 October 2012

"An Apple For The Teacher"

November Exhibition:
For the last two years Patricia (Ginger) Deller-Smith and Kym Connell have been studying towards their Diploma of Visual Arts at Wide Bay TAFE as well as attending many workshops of varying art forms.  One of their goals was finally realized in July this year when they were awarded their Diploma.

Along the way a wonderfully diverse collection of art unfolded and the idea for "An Apple For The Teacher" exhibition was born.

This exhibition will feature many forms of art, painting, clay sculpture, printmaking, mosaic and glass work.  The work is diverse and shows their different ways of looking at things as well as their skills and talent. 

As well as the TAFE course they have also attended leadlighting classes with renowned Glass Artist from Childers, Nerrielle dobbs.  Pieces of this work may also be seen.

The Childers Art Group was another source of inspiration both from the very active emebers of the group and from classess by local artist Alice McLaughlin, in pastel for Kym and clay sculpture for the pair.

Both have also attended the McGregor Summer Schools at University of Southern Queensland.  For Kym clay sculpture with taught by Sunshine Coast hinterland sculptor Janna Pameijer and for Ginger print making with Grahame Marchant and Bernhardhine Meuller who are both from Sydney.

Although they have each trod the same path there have been a few side tracks and each has looked in different directions only to come back together to complete the journey. They have added their journals, some sketches and preliminary work to help explain the process and they hope you enjoy following their journey.

25 September 2012


Join with us on Sunday, the 21st of October for FOOTPRINT @ Gin Gin.  As part of the CRUSH Festival and the AFLOAT Program, we will be having Ephemeral Public Artist, Sue Berry here at the Gallery.  Sue will work with the Gin Gin community to create our unique FOOTPRINT to symbolically link the Gin Gin community and the Bundaberg Region.

To add to this event, the local Scout Group will be having a Sausage Sizzle, there will be a children's art competition (to be completed on the day) and Art Stalls, cold drinks, and free tea & coffee.

Please feel free to invite as many people as you like from our community to join in this unique experience.  The event will commence at 10:30 a.m.

Chern'ee Sutton's exhibition "Kalkadoon" will continue throughout October.

10 August 2012

What's on in the Gallery September & October

This exhibition for September/October 2012 is called "Kalkadoon" and will reflect Chern'ee Sutton's people's proud history and Indigenous culture and also reflect her recent walk through Kalkadoon Country and the sights she saw and stories that were told.

Chern'ee will also be having her souvenir products for sale at the exhibition and a percentage of sales from these products is being donated to the Kalkadoon Community in Mt. Isa, Queensland to help open a cultural centre there.

Chern'ee is proud to be a contemporary Indigenous artist and her Indigenous heritage is very important to her.   She likes to tell a story whether old or new within her paintings and share her culture, history and stories with the world.  She mostly paints on canvas using acrylic and textured paint.

Some of her achievements include:
1st Place - Yoonellgoo Indigenous art competition 2010
1st Place - Captain Cook 1770 art festival 2012
1st & 2nd Place - Rockhampton Show Indigenous art competition 2012
Wide Bay NAIDOC week "Youth of the Year" 2011
2 paintings hanging in Queensland's Parliament House
1 painting hanging in Queensland's State Library
Queensland Youth Parliamentarian for 2012
University of Queensland Young Achievers programme for 2012-2013.

What's on in the Gallery for August?

Have you ever wondered what goes on, around, or even near a park bench?  The Childers Art Group hopefully can give you an answer to this question.

The exhibition is made up of paintings of various media and both clay and Hebel sculptures.  They will tell you that a park bench is not just there to sit on.  Oh, if only park benches could talk, the tales they could tell.  They are made of different types of material from wood to cement and come in different shapes.

There can be a lot of history behind some park benches, many have been sat on, slept on, kissed on, cried on, just to name a few.  The artist of the Childers Art Group have taken their ideas about park benches and expressed them in their own ways.

23 June 2012

What's on in the Gallery for July

"Fantasy Collection 2012" & "Legends"

"Fantasy Collection 2012" by Rockhampton Wood artist, Robert (Rob) Fry and "Legends" by local Gin Gin artist, Marsha Johnson.

Rob believes he is very lucky in that he works with one of the most wonderful mediums that Nature has provided us with, and that is Wood.  He started carving and working with wood about ten years ago, after a break he returned to his beloved Timber about four years ago.  Rob works only with timber that is destined to be burned, wood chipped or left to rot in paddocks.  Rob says, "I hope that those of you who look at, or become owners of my works, agree that the end product that I turn out is a much more preferable alternative.
Marsha has always had an interest in art and dabbled some since the 80's but it wasn't until settling in Gin Gin, eight years ago, that she has had the opportunity to become more serious about her artwork.  She is a member of both the Gin Gin Art Group and the Childers Visual Arts Group.
The title of Marsha's exhibition is, "Legends" or should we say "Cherokee Legends".  She has taken the legends from her Cherokee heritage.  Although she wasn't raised in the traditional Cherokee way, she has always been interested and fascinated by the Native American way of life and customs.  Each piece of artwork has bee painted from Cherokee legends, which have been passed down through the generations.  Beside each painting you find a document telling the story behind the painting.  Marsha paints in acrylic and will also have a few clay sculptures in her exhibition.

04 March 2012

What's on in the Gallery for March

"Combination of Inspiration"
An exhibition by local artist and sculptor Alice McLaughlin, that showcases her mastery of acrylic, pastel and ceramics.