12 November 2013

"The World Of Glass - Plus"

On retirement in the early nineties, Elizabeth (Betty) Lever wondered which way her life was heading, but in 1993 she began a painting course in Albury, N.S.W. Then in 1994 she started learning about leadlighting with Glass. This eventually involved her in commissions for windows for people in Melbourne and Wodonga, Vic. This left her with a love of working with glass which is still with her today. In 2002 after moving to Hervey Bay, she atarted a warm glass course with Marj Sullivan at TAFE. She has atteded the studio of Shar Morman in Buderim as a student and assistant for a short period. She also has been involved in the Flying Arts workshops with Judith Bohm-Par from Cairns. Over the last three years she has set up her own studio where she teaches Warm Glass to friends and students who are interested in glass. With grants from the Arts Council, she has been able to invite Shar Morman and Emma Varga from Sydney to sttend her studio to give workshops for the students. Elizabeth has held exhibitions at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery. In 2011 she held an exhibition at Childers Art Space. Elizabeth says, "Each day I learn something different and exciting with glass. The beauty is there for all to see. Open your eyes to it. My love affair with Glass continues on."

22 October 2013

"Garden Bling"

Artists Alice McLaughlin from Apple Tree Creek and Kym Connell from Childers have created “Garden Bling” for their November Exhibition at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery. The Gallery is proud to host this wonderful exhibition where you will find many different sculptures and works of art, from a mosaic seat and table, birdbaths, a garden mirror and a choice of planters, among other wonderful creations for your garden or yard. There will also be a great raffle donated by Alex McLaughlin and all proceeds will be given to the Cancer Council. You are sure to find the perfect sculpture for that special spot you have in mind. What a wonderful opportunity to purchase a very unique Christmas present! Join us at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery during the month of November for this magnificent exhibition!

"Fast Forward Your Past"

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery invites you to participate in an interactive community based exhibition entitled “Fast Forward Your Past”. What do you have in the depths of your cupboards or on display in your home that is steeped in history or has a special story from the past attached to it? Do you have something you have kept which has special meaning to you or someone you know? Something that is infused with memory, with stories and with images of the past that resonate today and into the future. Bring your object, photo, letter, and etc. to the gallery and be part of this exciting display. We want to see your objects and hear your stories. We want to “Fast Forward Your Past”. The exhibition will run for the whole month of October and an Open Day will be held on Saturday, October 19th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. when artists Alice McLaughlin, Kym Connell, Lesley Perk, Marsha Johnson and Gemma-Rose Turnbull will come together for an entertaining presentation that will showcase the objects and stories that have been collected and submitted by the community. This event is part of the CRUSH Festival, a Bundaberg Regional Council event supporting regional arts.

"New Directions"

The two presenters of this exhibition have become friends through their passion for the visual arts. Both artists, after many years spent working and raising their families were FREE to once more pursue their previous passion for the pencil, brush and paint. With much catching up to do, it has taken then on a journey of trial and error and learning new and wonderful skills and techniques. Hence the "Title". Ngari's paintings which are traditional with a lean toward contemporary are complimented by Jillanne's more loose contemporary/abstract style. They like to keep their hand in with the traditional, whilst exploring what else is available and find it exciting to see what the public like, as art is very sub jective, they hope the viewer's enjoy the diversity of "New Directions".

16 July 2013

"Wild & Woolly"

Visit the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery and discover something "Wild & Woolly" during the month of August.  The Childers Visual Arts Group will be displaying their artwork for their exhibition "Wild & Woolly" for the full month of August.  You never know what you might find!  It could be a Bunyip, a tiger, a lion, or maybe a silverback gorilla!  You could run into some wild, wet and woolly weather or a wild headpiece!
The group has been given a task of working with this theme.  What an amazing collection they have come up with.  Artwork in clay and glaze, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, photography, alpaca wool and even some created from farm scraps and found objects.
The exhibition will open with a ceremony on Saturday, 3rd August starting at 2 p.m.  Why not join in the festivity and perhaps you might discover something "Wild & Woolly" you'd like to take home with you.

11 June 2013

"Into The Wilderness"

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is proud to present "Into The Wilderness" by Gin Gin Wildlife artist, Gary Woodfield.  Gary uses acrylic as his preferred medium and has chosen "Into The Wilderness" as his theme.  He explains that the theme is about wildlife of all categories and their natural habitats.

Gary says, "I would like to think of my art as one continuing mural depicting a never ending story of wildlife scenarios.  I feel more connected to my paintings when I am actually portraying a wild habitat surrounding my chosen subject matter.  I get a lot of inspiration from my local rugged wilderness, which for me is very fortunate for my research into various forms of wildlife.  Using an earthly colour pallet allows me to visualize a unique perspective similar to that of animals and birds which see colour in restricted vision.  It is this methodology, which draws an audience into the depth of my work creating 'eye contact'.  A cache of references such as online encyclopedias and many hours of collated sketches is vital evidence for my artistic compositions allowing my realism to flourish."

28 May 2013

"Visual Miystique"

During the month of June 2013 at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery "Visual Mystique" by Gin Gin artist, Kathleen Gale, will be showing.

Kathleen likes to use acrylic paints, watercolours, pastel and graphite.  She says, "I like drawing and painting Fantasy Art, bringing together light & shade, taken from my unrestrained imagination growing up in Australia and the South Pacific Islands."  She ended up in the last decade here in Gin Gin, where she lives in the Queensland Bush land forest on a mountain.

In 2010 her "Water Dragon" drawing got a first at the Bundaberg Show.  She loves to take photographs of sunsets and our amazing world.

Also, for a bit of fun at the Opening of "Visual Mystique", there will be "From Art to Wine" for Charity.  Some AC/DC wines will be on auction with the proceeds from the wines going towards those in need.  Kathleen says." A big thanks to Trevor Versace, who will be doing the auction.  Hope ro see you all there.  All are welcome."

16 April 2013

"ART DAZE 2013"

This exhibition "Art Daze 2013" is a collection of works by members of the Gin Gin & District Fine Arts Society.

The title "Art Daze" has no particular theme attached so each of us has been free to decide on subjects and mediums of our own choice.  This has resulted in a wide expression of art works as each member pursues the development of their own style as individual artists.

Twice a month the Gin Gin Art Group meets to socialize together and encourage each other in their art endeavours.  Some of the members also attend workshops tutored by talented and experienced artists from around this region and beyond and bring back new ideas to the group.

During the CRUSH Festival in October 2012, the Gin Gin Art Society conducted "Come & Try Art" days at the gallery and were very pleased to welcome some new members into the art group as a result of these workshops.  Some of the artworks on display in this exhibition are from our brand new members who should be justly proud of what they have achieved in just a short time.

The Gin Gin Art Group welcomes newcomers to join in and will offer assistance and materials for anyone wanting to learn and take part in any of the many forms of art.

Lesley Perk - President

15 February 2013

"My Retrospective"

For the month of March 2013, the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is proud to present "My Retrospective" by artist Charles Brian Floate.


Brian began painting at the age of 7 and remembers sending drawings of comic characters to his father who was in the army (1939-1945).  Later at the age of 16, he painted a picture with household paints and a homemade brush, he entitled it "WHAT', this is when he knew painting was something he had to have in his life.

He has been painting on and off until he retired from the police force in 1987 and has been painting seriously ever since.  Brian says, "My teachers have been the Greats of Art, including Rembrandt, Titian and many others, numerous art galleries and many books, videos and basically anywhere I could gain knowledge.  I have successfully taught portrait painting and pencil drawing classes over the years, including teaching at the U3A (University of the Third Age) in Victoria;  I also recently held a portrait sculpture workshop at the Bundaberg Pottery Group."

Brian says that he paints because he has to, it's like Everest, he climbs it because it's there.  He likes portraits, seascapes, landscapes, animals and still life all in realistic style; he loves Max Meldrum, the Heidelberg School, Stretton, Roberts and the rest.  When he sees something that must be painted he must do it straight away no matter the time of day.

22 January 2013

"Creative Collection"

This exhibition is a collection of artworks showcasing the diverse talents and adventurous spirits of the Mt. Perry Fine Arts Group members and volunteers.  The exhibition will host artwork in a variety of media , such as acrylic, pastel, mixed media, watercolour, needlework, textiles, ceramics, oil, graphite, charcoal, encaustic wax. hebel and photographics, and various subjects.  For a small town, they have a big commitment with nearly 30 members and volunteers.

After almost 20 years the Mt. Perry Fine Arts Group continues as a vibrant part of the community, holding at least four Art Workshops throughout the year, hosting the regionally recognized Annual Art Exhibition each September, and managing the operation of the Mt. Perry Fine Arts Gallery with over 100 exhibitions to date.

Secretary, Adrienne Williams says, "We hope you enjoy our exhibition and we give thanks to the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery for their support and encouragement.

This exhibition will run from Friday 1st to Thursday 28th February 2013.  Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday 2nd February at 2p.m.