15 May 2015

"Chris & RajArt"

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is delighted to present the first exhibition by developing young Gin Gin artists Chris Doyle and Raj Rogers in “Chris and RajArt”, from Saturday 23rd May to Thursday 2nd July 2015. 

Chris is a new comer to the world of art, developing an interest in 2012, while spending time with renowned Australian artist Pat Witcher.  Focusing mainly on drawing in ink, he has also developed an interest in sculpture using steel, wood and other recycled objects.  His interests are often natural, including native wildlife, marine life and portraits of people at both ends of the age spectrum. 

Narayan Raj Rogers has been exploring paint since 2012.  He has enjoyed three years of experimenting mixing paints, glues, pigments; water paints, acrylic, homemade egg paints and flour paints.  He has been developing colours through mixing, spray paints and layering, and composition through collage.  He has especially had fun with different mediums and textures, using paint on walls, cement, wood, and especially covering his body with paint and them plastering himself with paper, cardboard or carpet and peeling them off!

A Rajput, Raj originates from the great artisans of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.  He currently lives in a studio on an acre of bushland just outside Gin Gin, Queensland which he shares with 3 fish, 2 guineas, 5 hens and a rooster, and where he is free to explore, play, swim, run, ride, climb, sing, dance, jump, bounce, swing, slide, sleep and eat at leisure, in his humanist kind of way!

07 May 2015

Plein Air Workshop

with Gary Woodfield
Gary will take participants through creating a landscape worked entirely without brushes!

Materials List:
30cm x 30cm canvas board or stretched frame
Acrylic paints and palette
Water and containers, cleaning cloths,
Cotton buds, skewers, household sponges.
Rubbish bag.

Other item
table & chair, hat, insect repellent, morning tea & lunch

Corner Monduran and Rosedale Road

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May
9.00am SHARP to 3.00pm

$25 per person per day.
Ring Gwen Field for further information
on 0402 573 356