23 June 2012

What's on in the Gallery for July

"Fantasy Collection 2012" & "Legends"

"Fantasy Collection 2012" by Rockhampton Wood artist, Robert (Rob) Fry and "Legends" by local Gin Gin artist, Marsha Johnson.

Rob believes he is very lucky in that he works with one of the most wonderful mediums that Nature has provided us with, and that is Wood.  He started carving and working with wood about ten years ago, after a break he returned to his beloved Timber about four years ago.  Rob works only with timber that is destined to be burned, wood chipped or left to rot in paddocks.  Rob says, "I hope that those of you who look at, or become owners of my works, agree that the end product that I turn out is a much more preferable alternative.
Marsha has always had an interest in art and dabbled some since the 80's but it wasn't until settling in Gin Gin, eight years ago, that she has had the opportunity to become more serious about her artwork.  She is a member of both the Gin Gin Art Group and the Childers Visual Arts Group.
The title of Marsha's exhibition is, "Legends" or should we say "Cherokee Legends".  She has taken the legends from her Cherokee heritage.  Although she wasn't raised in the traditional Cherokee way, she has always been interested and fascinated by the Native American way of life and customs.  Each piece of artwork has bee painted from Cherokee legends, which have been passed down through the generations.  Beside each painting you find a document telling the story behind the painting.  Marsha paints in acrylic and will also have a few clay sculptures in her exhibition.