27 June 2014

"Faces" Clay Exhibition

By Marsha Johnson
Marsha has always had an interest in art and dabbled some since the 80's but it wasn't until settling in Gin Gin, ten years ago, that she had the opportunity to become more serious about her artwork.  About five years ago, she was introduced to something wonderful -Clay!  With Alice McLaughlin as a mentor she has learned so much and continues to learn each week.
To express her love for working with clay, Marsha has decided to show an all sculpture exhibition for her first solo exhibition.  After studying unusual and unique expressions and facial features of people around her, she made a decision to create busts and masks in clay, limestone and Hebel and call it "Faces".
Marsha says that she has enjoyed creating each piece and hopes you enjoy viewing her exhibition and perhaps take a piece home with you.

10 June 2014

Lesley Perk Workshop Review

Everyone was looking forward to 2 days of exploration and discovery, and as you can see no one wasted any time and it was all go go go.


The first day was devoted to liquid textured backgrounds as used in Lesley's painting below.

Paint was mixed, water was sprayed and clingwrap/plastic sheet applied and they all went outside in the sun to dry.

While the panels were drying, Lelsey demonstrated her technique for painting a graduated sky in acrylic using pre-mixed colours.

Then it was our turn to start on the sunsets. Now I have to say for a room full of women who all love a chat, the silence was deafening, just the swishing of brushes!

Eventually the background panels were dry enough to take off the wrapping and the challenge began to use the serindipity that had appeared.

Here are some of the creations using the liquid texture backgrounds, and the graduated sky and sunset paintings.

Some of the participants were beginners, some had never worked with acrylics, but all agreed that it was a great workshop and cannot thank Lesley enough for sharing these techniques.

Workshop - Mosaics

presented by Alice McLaughlin

At this workshop, Alice will teach the art of mosaics and participants will produce at least one small piece which they have designed themselves.

 The workshop will be held Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th June 2014 from 9.30am to 4.00pm  at the Godfrey Wilson Hall, Milden Street Gin Gin
Cost: $25 per day.
Contact: Gwen Field 0402 573356