27 November 2012

"The Colour Of Dreams"

The Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery is proud to present "The Colour of Dreams" by Gin Gin artist, Lesley Perk and Waterloo artist, Jenny Neubecker.

Lesley Perk
Lesley has been involved in art since her high school days and has taught art to grades 4 to 12.  She paints mostly in acrylics but also uses pastel, watercolour and graphite.
She takes her inspiration from anywhere and everywhere - places, people and things that have caught her eye.  Sometimes she starts from scratch and develops an idea, which becomes an all-consuming adventure as it evolves.  Her favourite themes are subjects that have a design element to them like mandalas, and she loves the Australian Outback.

Lesley says, "As I worked on these paintings I drew energy from the shapes and colours and let my imagination flow as they took form.  It reminded me of how our dreams connect us with our subconscious where the suppressed issues of our life are stored.  Like a puzzle that makes no sense, they are random pieces of imagery which invite us to look into ourselves and discover the cryptic messages of memories, emotions and conflicts waiting to be resolved."

Jenny Neubecker

Jenny has made a wonderful and unexpected discovery in beading.  After many years producing 2D art works with painting, drawing and collage media, beads have given her a new way to indulge her love of small, precious, sparkly things.

These latest works are based on the colours of Waterloo, where she has a grazing property, and reflects the changes of colour, in the landscape, from season to season and throughout the day.
Jenny says, "The process itself is quite meditative and it is both a pleasure and challenge to manipulate colours, shapes and textures through a new but very accessible medium.  Many jewellery pieces are also inspired by hand made, wound paper beads from Uganda.  Every time I hold a bead from Uganda, touched by someone living in very different circumstances to me, I am reminded of the abundance in our lives and am grateful to these women for so generously sharing their small treasure."