15 October 2014

"An Italian Affair"

This exhibition, “An Italian Affair” with works by the Italian artists:  Marco Miot, Franco Ciot. Stefano Padovan, Loretta Cappanera, Enzo costa and Maurizio Frullani with the participation of Sue Purnell, Deon Hands and Dion Channer will be on display at the Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery during the month of November, with a special V.I.P. Viewing on Friday evening 31st October 2014 at 7 p.m.
Dion Channer lived and worked as a teacher of English in Italy on and off for 30 years until June 2003.  During the latter 20 of those years, he taught English at the University of Trieste as well as privately and made paper by hand in various forms and for various uses.  A large proportion of those uses involved art in one form or another.  Naturally, he met and became friendly with a number of people who are artists, among whom are the six indicated above. 
Prior to departing Italy in 2003 and then again during a visit in 2007, he asked these people if they would like to exhibit in Australia.  At the time, all said they would and so, without obligation he had an event such as this in mind. Awaiting an opportunity to offer itself on their behalf.
An exhibition of the work of three of the artists, Marco Miot, Franco Ciot and Stefano Padovan was held at the Gympie Regional Gallery in November 2010.
Marco Miot (pronounced, me-ot) is an illustrator with a quirky sense of humour who has exhibited widely.  Franco Ciot (pronounced, chot) is an accomplished visual artist specializing in the creation of amazing sculptures.  Stefano Padovan is alsoa sculptor who is highly respected and sought after for commissions both public and private.  He specializes in the use of a combination of iron and stone.    Loretta Cappanera is an artist of long standing who has graced many exhibitions with her exquisite artist’s books.  Dion had the privilege of making the paper for and then binding one such exhibit.  Enzo Costa is one of those people who is single minded in his pursuit of excellence.  Dion was able to ‘pass forward’ the brilliant teaching he received from his bookbinding master, Charlie Zammit by showing Enzo the binding process which he, Enzo, has taken to whole different, higher level.  Maurizio Frullani is a photographer whose camera captures far more than the average person ever sees.  His subjects are exquititely represented in hiswork and many, including Dion, have been captured for all time by his expertise.
It has been decided to include works by three other artists, two are Australian and one, Dion Channer is Australian/Italian/British.

                                                           Dion Channer & Sue Purnell
                                                                       Enzo Costa
                                                                       Franco Ciot
                                                                 Loretta Cappanera
                                                                        Marco Miot
                                                                  Maurizio Frullani

                                                                 Stefano Padovan

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