31 July 2014

Ross Driver Watercolour Workshop Review

An enthusiastic group gathered in the Godfrey Wilson Hall in Gin Gin in anticipation of another adventure in watercolour with Ross.
The aim of the first day was to capture the image of snow capped mountains and contented cows.
First we worked on the tonal sketch and Ross then outlined the paint colours we were going to work with.

With Ross demonstrating each stage we all worked our way through the painting and suddenly it was the end of the day.
Pictures were lined up for a photoshoot and a review by Ross.
Day Two was a still life in ink and wash, and even Ross didn't know what he was getting! Gwen came with baskets of fresh home grown vegetables that positively glowed with goodness.

 Again Ross demonstrated the tonal and the final sketch.

 Again everyone applied themselves diligently, well nearly everyone.

I would like to say that this was the result that Ross produced, but it isn't. As the day progressed, Ross's techniques and tips n trick became more and more outlandish. I'm not going to show you the result ├žos this is supposed to be a serious art lesson.
I will however, show you our serious work.

 Thanks Ross for a great, creative and fun filled weekend.
I, for one, can see a workshop of tricks, tips and other outlandish techniques in the pipeline.

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